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Tree Trimming in North Pittsburgh, PA

Enable the trees in your yard to grow straight and tall with tree trimming in North Pittsburgh, PA. Choose Vaughan's Tree Service & Landscaping, a licensed and insured tree contractor for safe and knowledgeable service. Our staff includes certified arborists.

Let us offer you comprehensive services for the trees in your yard. Our technicians can do everything from removal to trimming to stump grinding and mulching. In addition, we provide inspections and 24/7 emergency services. Reach out to us for a free estimate. We have a full-time office manager who is happy to answer your questions and schedule service.

Cutting Away Diseased or Weak Branches

Do not let the trees in your yard grow wild. That is not good for them or safe for you. Schedule our affordable tree trimming service so our technicians can give these tall plants the care they require for full beauty and value. Trimming involves cutting away branches that are diseased. This practice keeps disease from spreading on that tree and to others. It also removes limbs that are weak and are in danger of cracking and falling. We also trim trees when branches are damaged as cracked limbs place an unnecessary strain on a tree's resources and pose a safety hazard.

Arborists Trimming Trees in North Pittsburgh, PA

Prevent fungus from growing in your tree's canopy by asking us to thin growth in the crown. An overly heavy concentration of branches in this area keeps sunlight and air out, creating a damp and unhealthy environment where fungus grows.

Enhance a Tree's Appearance with Pruning

Trimming is not the only tree service we provide; we also offer tree pruning. Trimming is done for health and safety, while pruning is for appearance. Branches may be growing wild, too close together, or in a haphazard manner. Our technicians bring back the beauty by pruning problem limbs. 

Pruning is especially beneficial for young trees. We selectively remove branches so the remaining ones grow strong and sound. Our tree-trimming contractor knows that pruning a tree from a young age helps it stay healthy and beautiful for many decades.

Trimming Branches that Threaten Danger

The size and reach of trees may have them growing in areas where they pose a danger to utilities or property. Perhaps, a tree in your yard is in danger of growing into power lines or poles or even into your house. In this case, cutting off that branch ensures safety.

Sometimes, your trees need help in the form of cables or braces. The technicians from our tree-trimming company place bolts called braces into branches and connect these with a cable. These offer support at weak points, which may be necessary for large or aging trees.

Contact us today to give your trees the care they need with regular trimming and pruning service. We proudly serve customers in North Pittsburgh, Tarentum, Natrona Heights, Oakmont, Monroeville, Cheswick, Springdale, Gibsonia, Allison Park, and Glenshaw, Pennsylvania.