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Tree Stump Grinding in North Pittsburgh, PA

Open up space in your yard with tree stump grinding in North Pittsburgh, PA. Rely on Vaughan's Tree Service & Landscaping for service that is effective, safe, and affordable. The certified technicians at our tree company have been helping homeowners rid themselves of nuisance tree stumps since 1970.

We want you to know that our contractor is licensed and insured to offer tree services. In fact, our technicians provide customers with certificates of insurance during every estimate. We are fully insured for both liability and Workers' Compensation. Ask us for a free estimate and our insurance certificate.

Yard Before Stump Removal in North Pittsburgh, PAYard After Stump Removal in North Pittsburgh, PA

Getting Rid of a Nuisance & Hazard

Leaving a stump in your yard after cutting a tree down is only getting the job half done. After all, tree stump removal can be almost as big of a chore as chopping down a tree, branches and all. Instead of reaching up and out, the stump reaches into the earth and then the roots extend down and around. Let us complete the job.

That stump is in the way. Perhaps, it is right in the middle of your yard and forces you to navigate around it. However, you and your children may forget about it while walking in the yard after dark or running and playing. Instead of leaving that space to a stump, request professional removal service.

Removing Stumps Large & Small

Tree stump grinding and removal requires getting out the heavy equipment, whether the stump is large or small. For the bigger stumps, our technicians bring our large, tow-behind machine to grind that stump into mulch. For smaller stumps, we have a self-propelled grinder that fits into small spaces.

Having the right equipment is a necessity for efficient stump removal. Otherwise, it takes many, many hours to reduce the stump and roots to wood chips. Turn to our contractor for capable service from experienced technicians.

Reclaim that Space in Your Yard

Imagine your yard without that eyesore of a stump. You could fill that space with green grass, a swing set, or a comfortable bench. Plus, you do not have to worry about infestations from pests who might find the stump a nice place to call home. Instead, you and your family can enjoy this extra open space in your yard with help of our stump grinding service.

Contact us today to put that space occupied by a stump to better use with our efficient stump grinding service. We proudly serve customers in North Pittsburgh, Tarentum, Natrona Heights, Oakmont, Monroeville, Cheswick, Springdale, Gibsonia, Allison Park, and Glenshaw, Pennsylvania.