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Kiln Dried Firewood

Not only is kiln-dried firewood easier to ignite, but it also makes for some incredible fires!

Because of its low moisture content, the wood burns more efficiently than regular firewood. In other words, it takes less wood to create the hot flames you’re looking for.

And speaking of those flames, they are some of the brightest and hottest you’ll ever see in a fireplace or fire pit or wherever you choose to burn the wood. The drying process ensures that nothing will get in the way of a killer burning experience!

Firewood for sale

Goodbye Insects, Mold and Fungus

Speaking of nothing getting in the way of a great fire, did you know kiln-dried wood also comes free of bugs, mildew and fungus? It’s true! The kiln-drying process takes care of all those annoyances, leaving only pristine wood to get the job done right.

Not only is this great for burning, but it also opens up a lot of possibilities for storing your wood. It’s pretty risky to store regular wood indoors because you never know what the logs could be towing along with them. Not so with kiln-dried wood!

Lighten Your Load

One of the worst parts of making a fire is having to lug out all that heavy wood. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Yes, kiln-dried firewood even makes carrying the wood more enjoyable too.

You see, a lot of what makes firewood so heavy is moisture. Damp wood is a real drag to lug around.

But take out most of that water weight, and what you’re left with is a much lighter load. Your arms and back will thank you for going kiln-dried.

Can’t Beat Kiln-Dried Cooking Wood

If you fancy yourself a chef, then you should know that kiln-dried wood is also awesome to cook with.

Because of its low moisture, it never produces a musty flavor. In fact, it creates an incredibly flavorful smoke for mouthwatering meat. And, as we mentioned above, it burns more efficiently, making for consistent temperatures when cooking.


2022 Firewood price list

Kiln Dried
Skid loader bucket $50
3 scoops = @ 1/4 cord

14 Cord  $150
13 Cord (face cord) $195
12 Cord $280

In KilnIn Kiln Checking TemperatureChecking Temperature CampfireCampfire Whole Sale Supply
Whole Sale Supply

Great for Grilling Great for Grilling

Restaurant and Food Truck Supply
Restaurant and Food Truck Supply

Stacked and Ready to BurnStacked and Ready to Burn

Delivery charges may apply outside of 10 miles from Tarentum PA. Typically $3 per loaded mile from our shop.
Stacking available. Pricing starts at $35 per ¼ cord and is dependent on distance from truck to stack location and terrain.